Precious Gem

Precious Gem Names and Meanings


Precious gem names and meanings can always help you understanding the basis or origin of certain gemstones. A gemstone remains a piece of crystal. When it is being cut and polished, experts can transform gemstones to great adornment or jewelry. There are certain organic materials or rocks that can as well be used for jewelry. However, this article will help you discover precious gem names and meanings easily.





Studies have shown that Alexandrite remains a variety of chrysoberyl. In most cases, you will find Alexandrite unleashing a color alteration depending on light conditions. It color alteration feature can as well be totally dependent on pleochroism. It often changes from fine emerald to purplish red. In 1830, Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The basic meaning of Alexandrite is to stimulate love and pleasure. It comes with an 8.5 hardness. The color is green during the day and red-violet in incandescent lights. Alexandrite can as well be used as a lucky stone.





From the ancient forests, Amber remains the fossilized resin. In time past, resins often ooze and drip down trees. This will help to trap and fill fissures debris in the likes of leaves, seeds, insects, and feathers. The two main sources of Amber are the Dominican Republic and the Baltic states. It comes with a hardness of 2.5-3. Success is often associated to gold colored amber. It is also used to resolve metabolic problems. Amber helps to empower the body’s natural healing strengths. It can be used as a solution for respiratory difficulties.





Emerald usually enables a cold green radiation to be absorbed by anyone. This will help the user to gain control over intestinal and nervous areas, tissues, liver, vocal chord, lungs, brain, tongue, and nervous system. Any function associated with the listed organs can work perfectly when using emerald. For students having weak IQ or harshness in voice, emerald is a good gemstone to use. It is also a great solution to stammering, defects in recalling, writers, men in business, publishers/printers and just to mention a few. The gem is also a great solution to ailments such as hepatitis, hyperacidity, bronchitis, flatulence, stomatitis, dyspepsia, depressive psychosis and erythroblastosis fostalis.





Coral remains a precious gem unleashing bright red color. However, choral also comes in lighter shapes as well. Right at the hollow of the seas, you will find corals flourishing easily. Coral is a great gemstone that helps male or female to unleash powerful emotions. This is simply through the absorption of red radiation received from a visible spectrum of light. Combining gold and coral will help to drive away several diseases such as jaundice, chicken pox, impotency, fistula, high blood pressure and much more. Coral can be used in healing ailments such as general debility, anemia, lassitude, weakness, allergies, body pains, cold and cough, inflammations, pneumonia, bronchitis and just to mention a few. Coral is a great source of improving marital life.





Jasper is classified as a semi-precious gemstone. It is usually found in yellow or a muddy red-brown color. In rear cases, you can as well find jasper in green color. Jasper can always help for financial prosperity or people looking to multiply money quickly. Even you looking to make benefits in speculations or horse race, jasper can help to provide quick success. If a patient is suffering from mysterious illness, jasper can help with its healing powers. With jasper gemstone, you will not experience any drowning, insect bites, and accidental injuries. Jasper can help to increase your alert night and day. For acidity and stomach disorder, jasper can resolve the problem easily.





Pearl is basically found in Mediterranean regions, Gulf nations and Basra. Pearl can be used to reduce stomach upsets, tensions, and marital discards. It helps women to retain their chastity. Pearl can as well influence over heart, mind and blood considerably. It can help to enhance the mental faculties of the wearer and can also increase your self-confidence. With pearl, you can experience a cordial working atmosphere. Pearls are popular because of their purity, beauty, and luster. However, all these features are associated with the planet Moon. Pearl can help the wearer to experience marital harmony. Using this great gem will help you discover financial success.