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925 sterling silver jewelry

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Most of the people have bought a sterling silver piece in the way of pendant, earrings, bracelet or a picture frame.You have view the 925 engraved or stamped in to the back of the silver piece.What does 925 mean, it is a number engraved in to the silver product was availed more like a serial number for the producer, to promise its authenticity.On these days, it shows certain thing fully different.

What is 925?

Silver particularly sterling silver piece, is normally engraved or stamped with 925 on the product.The stamp can differ like either 925 or 92.5. What this shows is really simple. It just mention that the piece is 92.5 percent silver.The 925 is a latest trend promise that the product you bought is produced of best silver material and is of quality.Therefore what is in the rest 7.5 percent.The 7.5 percent of the material is where you want to be very cautious. Based up on the place of origin, 7.5 percent could be copper, nickel or lead.. People of north america and europe, the silver they buy in earrings, necklaces or bracelets is possibly produced stronger by the use of copper.It is durable and stronger and with the increasing economy, it is cheaper than the material of silver.

Buying method:

Purchasing sterling silver piece is a great investment that becomes valuable when time passes through. Being cheated in to buying duplicate silver is not a mistake which you can spent.Being able to understand the difference between duplicate silver and tell original silver can save more of troubles in the future.Only 92.5 is silver, the balance in some type of alloy namely copper.This is highly different from silver coated, where a silver layer is kept on another alloy or metal and can be tarnished or scraped off easily.There are some steps involved which you can follow to make sure that the sterling silver piece is original.The simple examination is to avail a magnet.Shiny, attractive metals like gold, silver and platinum are non ferrous materials, showing that they are not magnetic. Get one silver piece and keep it close to magnet, if the silver is attracted by magnet, then you can consider that it is not sterling silver.It is just a stainless steel that is extremely polished to appear like silver.

Real or fake:

925 sterling silver piece usually contain some marks on the jewelry to show its purity.It is like .925, 925 or S925, to show the 92.5 percent real silver that exists.If the marks are not seen, it does not show that it is not original silver.If you find a official stamp on the jewelry piece, then it is possibly that it is original sterling silver.Availing a soft cloth, rub one part of the silver item. It black marks seen on it, the sterling silver jewelry item is real silver.The reason for this is 925 silver oxidizes when the silver is exposed to air. This is the key reason why sterling silver item tarnishes and has a black tinge to it.The black marks are not probably to take place when it is not original sterling silver.


The cost that you paid for the silver item is a good sign as to whether it is original silver or not.925 silver is highly costly than alternatives.If the cost you are paying for seems good to be real, then it is possibly that you are not buying original one.Another test you can do is highly risky but possible if you get the right materials.Take a drop of nitric acid and put a drop on the item. Silver plated or inferior quality silver products are possibly to change a greenish color, because of the extreme level of copper that exists.But original sterling silver with 925 mark will change in to cream color.You can save cash on getting the jewelry appraised, availing these easy tests will allow you understand what is duplicate and what the original deal is.

Premier quality:

The word sterling is highly respected in the jewelry market, because pure silver is very soft, another material like copper is included to it, to offer the silver its included stiffness and other important qualities.The final mixture that leads is combination of 925 parts real silver in each 1000, this ratio never differs- it is stated by law . This is called as sterling and is always wrongly known as solid silver.The sterling silver piece is produced from sterling silver, that is a white and reflective valuable metal. It is of premier quality, that shows in its appearance and feel.Even though it is less durable than precious metals and stainless steel, sterling silver is always worked in watches that cooperate or appear such as sterling jewelry piece.A secure coating may be included to avoid tarnish.This jewelry piece is expensive, contains a unique look and can be distinguished easily.The important stamp of quality create it best must have item.

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Precious Gem

The Comprehensive Details Of Precious Gem Names And Meanings

Precious Gem Names and Meanings


Precious gem names and meanings can always help you understanding the basis or origin of certain gemstones. A gemstone remains a piece of crystal. When it is being cut and polished, experts can transform gemstones to great adornment or jewelry. There are certain organic materials or rocks that can as well be used for jewelry. However, this article will help you discover precious gem names and meanings easily.





Studies have shown that Alexandrite remains a variety of chrysoberyl. In most cases, you will find Alexandrite unleashing a color alteration depending on light conditions. It color alteration feature can as well be totally dependent on pleochroism. It often changes from fine emerald to purplish red. In 1830, Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The basic meaning of Alexandrite is to stimulate love and pleasure. It comes with an 8.5 hardness. The color is green during the day and red-violet in incandescent lights. Alexandrite can as well be used as a lucky stone.





From the ancient forests, Amber remains the fossilized resin. In time past, resins often ooze and drip down trees. This will help to trap and fill fissures debris in the likes of leaves, seeds, insects, and feathers. The two main sources of Amber are the Dominican Republic and the Baltic states. It comes with a hardness of 2.5-3. Success is often associated to gold colored amber. It is also used to resolve metabolic problems. Amber helps to empower the body’s natural healing strengths. It can be used as a solution for respiratory difficulties.





Emerald usually enables a cold green radiation to be absorbed by anyone. This will help the user to gain control over intestinal and nervous areas, tissues, liver, vocal chord, lungs, brain, tongue, and nervous system. Any function associated with the listed organs can work perfectly when using emerald. For students having weak IQ or harshness in voice, emerald is a good gemstone to use. It is also a great solution to stammering, defects in recalling, writers, men in business, publishers/printers and just to mention a few. The gem is also a great solution to ailments such as hepatitis, hyperacidity, bronchitis, flatulence, stomatitis, dyspepsia, depressive psychosis and erythroblastosis fostalis.





Coral remains a precious gem unleashing bright red color. However, choral also comes in lighter shapes as well. Right at the hollow of the seas, you will find corals flourishing easily. Coral is a great gemstone that helps male or female to unleash powerful emotions. This is simply through the absorption of red radiation received from a visible spectrum of light. Combining gold and coral will help to drive away several diseases such as jaundice, chicken pox, impotency, fistula, high blood pressure and much more. Coral can be used in healing ailments such as general debility, anemia, lassitude, weakness, allergies, body pains, cold and cough, inflammations, pneumonia, bronchitis and just to mention a few. Coral is a great source of improving marital life.





Jasper is classified as a semi-precious gemstone. It is usually found in yellow or a muddy red-brown color. In rear cases, you can as well find jasper in green color. Jasper can always help for financial prosperity or people looking to multiply money quickly. Even you looking to make benefits in speculations or horse race, jasper can help to provide quick success. If a patient is suffering from mysterious illness, jasper can help with its healing powers. With jasper gemstone, you will not experience any drowning, insect bites, and accidental injuries. Jasper can help to increase your alert night and day. For acidity and stomach disorder, jasper can resolve the problem easily.





Pearl is basically found in Mediterranean regions, Gulf nations and Basra. Pearl can be used to reduce stomach upsets, tensions, and marital discards. It helps women to retain their chastity. Pearl can as well influence over heart, mind and blood considerably. It can help to enhance the mental faculties of the wearer and can also increase your self-confidence. With pearl, you can experience a cordial working atmosphere. Pearls are popular because of their purity, beauty, and luster. However, all these features are associated with the planet Moon. Pearl can help the wearer to experience marital harmony. Using this great gem will help you discover financial success.

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clean a diamond

How To Clean A Diamond?

How To Clean A Diamond?

Do you know that it is easy to clean your diamonds effectively and cheaply at home? The truth is that the process remains easier than people often think. If you are in love with diamonds, then ensure to always keep them neat and clean accordingly. Studies have shown that regular cleaning can always keep your diamonds sparkling.

Is your quest for how to clean a diamond? Are you searching for the best hints on how to clean a diamond? There are several ways on how to clean your diamonds. This article will help you discover the best ways of cleaning your diamonds in a time of need.


Soapy Solution:

One of the best ways to clean a diamond is by applying the soapy solution approach. Read on to discover the gradual steps of using the soapy solution approach to clean your diamonds.

Step 1:

The first step to take is to have a small bowl ready. You can go ahead to mix a small amount of mild detergent with warm water. The mixture should be continued until sudsy is attained. This will help you achieve the best results of cleaning a diamond.

Step 2:

The item should be gradually dipped into the mixed soapy solution. Ensure to gradually dip the item to be cleaned so as to attain the best results.

Step 3:

A soft toothbrush should be wholly dipped into the cleaning solution. Provided the soft toothbrush is dipped into the solution, ensure to gently or gradually brush your diamond.

Step 4:

Once you have been able to achieve step 3 perfectly, go ahead to rinse your diamond in a warm running water. This is done to ensure purity of your diamond.

Step 5:

Finally, you will have to pat dry your diamond with a lint-free soft cloth.


Ammonia Solution:

Another great way of cleaning a diamond is by using ammonia solution. Ammonia is known to be a great cleaning agent. For this reason, using ammonia solution to clean a diamond helps greatly. Read through this paragraph to discover the unique steps of using ammonia solution to clean a diamond.

Step 1:

You will have to prepare a small bowl for the process. Ensure that the bowl contains 1 part of ammonia and 6 parts of water. To work with precision, it is expedient to check on the measurement value. This will help you to get the best results as required.

Step 2:

The material to be cleaned should be gently dipped or dropped into the ammonia solution.

Step 3:

At this juncture, you will have to insert a soft toothbrush into the ammonia solution. Go ahead to gently brush the item to be cleaned.

Step 4:

It is important to pay proper attention to the mountings and backs of the diamond. Focus on areas that tend to collect oils and dirt. Once you are able to focus on the mentioned areas, your diamond will be properly clean.

Step 5:

Now, you can insert your diamond into warm running water. This is done to achieve total purity.

Step 6:

To finish the whole process, you can pat dry your diamond with a lint-free soft cloth.



When using the ammonia-water solution and ammonia, ensure that it is done in a well-ventilated area. Another important thing to know is to avoid inhaling the ammonia solution directly. This can be dangerous to your health.

When brushing the diamond, you can ensure to carry out the process gently. Avoid to be too aggressive when using your toothbrush. The truth is that diamonds are hard in nature, but the material you are using for the cleaning process may not. For this reason, applying gentle touch will help you achieve the best results.

If you are dealing with soiled diamonds, then the entire process may differ. You can mix half ammonia and half cold water in a small bowl. This will help to properly clean your diamond without any scratch or dent. Ensure that the diamond is properly soaked in the solution for about thirty minutes, then gradually brush. You can finally place in warm running water and allow the item to air dry itself on paper towels.

With this simple explanation, you are sure to get your diamond perfectly cleaned, time and again. You can give it a try now and find the best results.

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